The Trunity eLearning Platform provides a secure, collaborative environment where users can create, manage, and share knowledge. 

Using the Trunity Platform, Authors, Educators and Organizations can quickly and easily:

  • Create content to meet the specific requirements of particular academic environments.
  • Share peer-reviewed, expert content as complete Trubook digital textbooks or curate portions into materials suited to their specific academic requirements using Live Cross Publishing and the Trunity Learning Exchange.
  • Collaborate & Learn in a social learning environment that provides the ability for students to interact with each other and educators to enhance the learning experience.  

The Trunity eLearning Platform is a 100% cloud-based, SaaS solution that you can use right now – all you need is a web browser and the desire to improve the educational experience of your students. Whether you’re authoring content, exploring a Trubook digital textbook, or setting up an exam, working with the Trunity eLearning Platform is familiar and straight forward through its intuitive browser-based interface.