Biology [Digital Textbook Edition]

Senior Contributors:
Yael Avissar, Rhode Island College, Cell Biology
Jung Choi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Genetics
Jean DeSaix, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Evolution
Vladimir Jurukovski, Suffolk County Community College, Animal Physiology
Robert Wise, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Plant Biology
Connie Rye, East Mississippi Community College, General Content Lead

Trunity Editor: Cutler J. Cleveland
Publication Date: November 15, 2013
ISBN-10: 1630970034
ISBN-13: 978-1-63097-003-1
Edition: 1
Language: English

OpenStax College, an initiative of Rice University (original text, images, and videos)
Trunity (enhanced web version)

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Biology is an introductory college digital textbook that combines two outstanding elements: core content from OpenStax College that has been enhanced by the Trunity Content Learning Platform. OpenStax College is an initiative of Rice University to improve student access to quality learning materials that has earned a reputation for outstanding educational content. The text is identical to the OpenStax version. Our editors have enhanced the OpenStax version by adding high resolution images, additional videos, interactive student self-assessments, links to further research, and a dynamic electronic glossary. The content is embedded in a Content Learning Platform that enables instructors to customize the content, and that provides students with personalization tools such as bookmarking, highlighting, and annotation. The result is an educational resource that combines the exceptional physics content of the OpenStax version with the Web-based features that enhance the student learning experience.

Biology is designed for multi-semester biology courses for science majors. It is grounded on an evolutionary basis and includes exciting features that highlight careers in the biological sciences and everyday applications of the concepts at hand. To meet the needs of today’s instructors and students, some content has been strategically condensed while maintaining the overall scope and coverage of traditional texts for this course. Instructors can customize the book, adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. Biology also includes an innovative art program that incorporates critical thinking to help students understand-and apply-key concepts.

  • Student Learning Outcomes and Self-Assessment
  • Case Studies
  • Key Concepts
  • Review Questions
  • Web-Based, Device Agnostic
  • Highlighting and Annotations
  • Online Glossary integrated into Text

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. The Chemistry of Life
  • Chapter 2. The Cell
  • Chapter 3. Genetics
  • Chapter 4. Evolutionary Processes
  • Chapter 5. Biological Diversity
  • Chapter 6. Plant Structure and Function
  • Chapter 7. Animal Structure and Function
  • Chapter 8. Ecology