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Fundamentals of Web Communication with Dreamweaver CS6 delivers content that will help you develop key digital communication skills and provide you with a strong foundation in the use of Dreamweaver. The book also discusses project planning, needs assessments, graphic design principles, and other skills necessary for proficiency in web technology. 

Utilizing digital textbook features and completing the interactive assessment will prepare you to take the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Exam. Passing the exam and gaining ACA certification provides you with a credential that validates entry-level skills with Dreamweaver that allow you to plan, design, build and maintain effective communications by using different forms of digital media. Fundamentals of Web Communication with Dreamweaver CS6 features:

  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Case Studies
  • Key Concepts
  • Review Questions
  • Web-Based, Device Agnostic
  • Highlighting and Annotations
  • Online Glossary integrated into Text

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of the World Wide Web
Chapter 2: Planning and Organizing a Website
Chapter 3: Understanding the Dreamweaver Interface
Chapter 4: Layouts and Alignments – Building Your First Web Page
Chapter 5: Working with Text
Chapter 6: Working with Images
Chapter 7: Controlling Page Layout
Chapter 8: Page Design with Cascading Style Sheets
Chapter 9: Using Dreamweaver's Automated Design Tools
Chapter 10: Communicating through Tables, Forms and Media
Chapter 11: Publishing and Managing Site Files
Chapter 12: The Basics of HTML5
Chapter 13: Designing with CSS3 Properties and Custom Fonts
Chapter 14: Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to Develop Page Content
Chapter 15: CSS3 Media Queries and the Responsive Web
Chapter 16: Fluid Grid Frameworks
Practice Exam for the Adobe Certified Associates examination
Adobe Web Communication using Dreamweaver CS6 ACA Exam Objectives