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The Trunity Knowledge Exchange helps you find the learning content you need, when you need it from a vast array of expert, peer-reviewed material

Trunity’s Learning Exchange gives organizations, instructors, and individual users the ability to find peer-reviewed, expert content to purchase as complete textbooks or as more granular content that can be curated into other materials suited to their specific academic or organizational requirements. 

Trunity's Knowledge Exchange is designed to ensure that users can easily search our unparalleled collection of crowdsourced, peer-review expert content and titles from established publishers to find, purchase, and use the content to create rich and dynamic learning materials. In addition, Trunity users can add their own content to the Trunity Knowledge Exchange to share with members of their own organizations or to the much larger network of Trunity users.

The Trunity Knowledge Exchange is the largest marketplace for expert-authored and expert-reviewed content on the web. Over 2000 experts worldwide actively publish peer-reviewed content using Trunity, which then becomes available to any user on the platform. Once reviewed and published, expert content becomes a resource for any user of Trunity.  

Crowdsource Content

Take advantage of valuable peer-reviewed content from thousands of experts (professors, PhD's, scientists, and respected public figures) worldwide which is available to any Trunity user at any time through the Knowledge Exchange. 

Live-Cross Publish

Provides content creators with an opportunity for sharing, connecting, and collaborating. Taking advantage of rich sources of expert authored information, users can curate libraries of information to create a dynamic knowledge network.