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Learning Management

Trunity’s Learning Management capabilities provide administrators, educators, and students with a social learning environment that enables students to interact with each other and educators to enhance the learning experience. In addition, educators and administrators can create assignments, tests and quizzes.  Powerful analytics also allow administrators and educators to effectively gauge the level of student interaction with learning content.

Authoring for Education

Authoring on the Trunity eLearning Platform allows you to develop granular pieces of learning content that you can assemble into a Trubook digital textbook or deliver individually.  Upon completion, you can choose to have your work peer-reviewed by other subject matter experts or published immediately.  Once published, your learning content can be made available in the Trunity Knowledge Exchange for purchase by educators, students, or peers.  

Augmenting Content

Once you’ve identified and acquired your content, you still have more work to do.  To make your content truly effective, you still need to develop teaching tools and other learning materials to bring the subject matter to life.  The Trunity platform easily enables you to create supplementary educational content for your class on the Trunity Knowledge Exchange.

Acquiring Content

Identifying the right learning content often involves balancing the need for the right content against cost. With Trunity, once you’ve identified the content you’d like to use you can quickly and easily find it.  On the Trunity Knowledge Exchange you’ll find :

  • Textbooks from established educational publishers
  • Books and articles from thousands of subject-matter experts
  • Learning materials created by educators like you

Course Planning

As an educator, you know that determining the goals for the course to clarify what you want the students to learn and accomplish is the first step.  It is critical to have these course goals established in order to make decisions about which content to include, which teaching tools to use, and what kinds of assignments and exams are appropriate.   Trunity allows you to document your objectives and structure your course without any of the hurdles you’d have to clear in other solutions.