Document & Cross-Train
Support & Collaborate
Improve Employee Retention

Trunity’s eLearning Platform for training, documentation, customer support and HR

Human Resources

Realize increased productivity and employee satisfaction from more efficient HR onboarding while facilitating employee achievement and maintenance of professional certifications.

Employee and Partner Training

Achieve an increase in sales opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and more revenue as a result of access to more pertinent information delivered dynamically.

Customer Support

Reach higher levels of customer satisfaction due to improved support with information that can be structured and repackaged in a way that enhances customer support and perceived customer value while minimizing the amount of extra time employees have to spend “recreating the wheel”.

Authoring and Documentation

Using Trunity’s authoring capabilities, business writers and organizations can quickly and easily create useful business reports and books and publish in a format that is accessible on any device.

Collaborate & Learn

Trunity's powerful collaboration capabilities enable organizations to receive critical insights from your audiences that can be processed, reviewed, and acted upon with a greater velocity than most organizations can take advantage of today.